Alien Structures on the Moon

There is so much folklore surrounding UFOs and aliens, but one thing is for sure, NASA (and the US government) are very tight-lipped if either is mentioned. They are so vehemently dismissive about such claims that UFO stories and alien sightings have gained even more traction over the years. Hide it, ban it, deny it and humans flock to it. Unfortunately for NASA (and the US Government) this has meant that the people don’t trust them on the subject – as evidenced by massive conspiracy theories and TV shows such as the X-Files.

People want to know the truth, but, in my opinion, the reason for a cover-up is simple. An alien presence would undermine any Government authority. It’s a good thing that the Grays, Reptilians and Nordics haven’t announced their presence. The people in power would lose it quickly.

In the meantime, check out this interesting 4 minute video – a mini doc about why some believe in bases on the moon..

NASA employees recount their experience of NASA photo tampering.

Geoffrey Robinson Hypothetical

Imagine a President telling you to do something for your country – anything – whilst, standing right next to him on the podium, is a representative of an Alien race a mere 50,000 years ahead of us in development. As a minion, I know what I’d say. I’d say “I’ll do what you say after hearing him. What does the Gray think?”

Make up your own mind

Okay, this is crazy stuff. But just for fun, take a look at this video from the Japanese Space Agency and tell me what you see.

[movie removed due to copyright violation]

You can still access the JAXA moon page with video here.

As usual, these pictures are very fuzzy, but once you can actually see things, your imagination will get the better of you.

For me, this was an interesting exercise. I can actually see buildings and intelligently-made structures. But I also see elephants in the clouds. A self-confessed UFO-nut buddy of mine couldn’t see anything other than rocks. At about the 3 minute mark, I rocked the video scroller back and forth over suspicious terrain to get a sense of the 3D aspect. Buildings (or building-like rocks) cast enough shadows and rose and fell from the moon’s surface just enough for my brain to make the crazy leap. There are some very interesting areas on the moon. At best, for this believer, there are entire abandoned Alien cities.

So consider this a kind of test. How much faith do you exercise when reading or talking about Aliens?

And for those of you who want something to print out, click on the image below for a sharper resolution:

NASA Lunar Orbiter image (1970s)

Keep it in your purse and while you’re listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” spare a though for the album title. Maybe it should have been “Far Side of the Moon”. Even middle-class art school educated musos can get it wrong sometimes.


  1. Randy Collins says

    With the advent of the internet which allows huge amounts of information to be viewed and much harder to suppress it is more and more apparent that the
    Moon and Mars have superficial structures on them.

    • says

      Probably. I think the Greys are functionaries. UFO “folklore” says that they were manufactured thousands (millions?) of years ago by an advanced civilisation. I suspect that they are that civilisation’s “robotic farmers” and we, part of their stock.

  2. Mark-Vincent says

    I need to meet up with these Aliens who have been or still are on the moon as I have waited and searched my entire life to meet up with them.Can anyone out there arrange a meeting for me with them and atleast show me around at those facilities at the moon?!!Much obliged!!!MV.

  3. Mark-Vincent says


    • says

      Totally agree with you on this one. Who the hell has the right to censor this information? The US Government and NASA aren’t MY Daddy. Recently the Queen censored a bunch of Australian comedians – who weren’t allowed to narrate the Royal Wedding. It’s childish and basically it’s also a form of telling lies.

  4. Mark-Vincent says

    Nuclear weapons in outer space will be the plan of Satan complete to destroy human civilisation.This is the truth.If any asshole gouvernement launches nuclear weapons in orbit,then this will be the most satanic move ever in human history.This will end in destruction of the human race.

    • says

      Well said Mark. However I’m more likely to believe in the existence of UFOs who don’t want us warring in space than Satan. We’re all entitled to our own beliefs. And allowing others to have theirs is what will stop all wars most probably.

  5. Wendy says

    We will never get answers from the gov…lies only. We are on our own here…colleges may be the way, talk to sci. men. If u learn astral travel, all ur answers will be yours.

  6. Chad says

    I have always believed what George Adamski said in his books. His photos of flying saucers have never been shown to be fakes or hoxes after all these years. Extraterrestrials have been among us since the dawn of mankind, one of my beliefs is that we are of alien origin, placed on Earth. I’m a Christian and believe in God. But I believe that God was a supreme being and Heaven either a mothership or another planet, dimension, etc. Look at the birth of Jesus, this is a classic case of abduction and artificial impregnation. Mary was a virgin. I don’t want to get to deep into the subject matter. Who knows who is monitoring these emails and your sites actions. I have seen the real MIB’s.

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